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This page will be for my experiments in making damascus.

rough damascus

The blade above is a rough blade made from two chainsaw billets and a leafspring and file core. It's about 500 layers. Below is the finished blade. The Guard is walrus ivory, the handle is reindeer and elk antler with brass spacers. The pin is a mosaic type made os brass and silver soldered togeather. The blase is 3 7/8" X 1/8" with a flat grind edge and is 8 1/8" oal.



The handle is elk antler and the blade is a mixture of a highcarbon railroad spike and a leif spring. There is just over 500 layers.

Blade Close Up

Thumbstop Filework

Utility Damascus

This is a little utility neck knife. The handle is a whitetail deer spike and the blade is a file folded with a lief spring. There is just over 1000 layers in this 2.5" blade.

Current Damascus Project

This is the current knife that I am working on. It's damascus from a leifspring and a file. It has about 100 layers. The blade has been blued prior to the acid etching. It will have an elk handle with a sterling silver guard.

Chainsaw Damascus

This is a small neck blade made from a 16" chainsaw blade.This is my first chainsaw damascus piece. It will get a bone and brass handle.

Chainsaw Damascus Claw

Here it is finished. It ended up with a reindeer antler handle, from Alaska, and a brass guard. The blade is 3" long and 1/4" thick, it is 6" overall.