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Portable Forge

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My little portable forge

I needed to make a small little forge that was portable to work on knives and small projects, I did a little research and this is what I came up with. The whole setup cost me about $40.00.

I started with a car breakdrum and some 12" anchor bolts. I threaded the anchorbolts through the lugnut holes with a nut on each side of the drum.  Then I threaded a cast 2" flange through the axle hole. I connected a T piece so that I would have a cleanout port.

Forge Parts

Assembled Firepan

Next I lined the inside with sand to act as a refractory shield. I placed a section of chain in the top of the flanged pipe to act as a grate to keep debris out of the air chamber.I was concerned about flying embers so I constructed a heat shield out of a metal pail. Then I attached a blower to the 1.5" T pipe. I piled in a little wood and some coal and fired it up. It took a few tries to get the air flow right, once I did it burned very hot.

First firing, before the coal caught, too much air

Same as above, side view, mmmmm fire

I removed the clean out plug at the bottom to dampen the air and it started to burn at a more reasonable rate.

I heated a small transmission gear to test it